Travel Blog Feedback

We’re getting some great feedback about Jim’s Nanaimo Travel Blog.
Thanks for all of you following along….
The Willys is currently hiding out! It’s a fair weather driver.
We’re hoping for a nice dry and then we’ll get out and do some more!
We would love to hear any and all suggestions!

You can find Jim’s Blog back on his “Social” page or on You Tube at
Here’s a couple of quotes!

“jim, i use to drive them when i was in the? army with the field engineers in chilliwack, they go but tip easy on corners huh…i am glad you make these vids i use them to get people to move here…keep em coming jim, also try fishing spots, nanaimo river, lakes trails Englishman river trails , Qualicum hatchery…get it all in there Jim…Mike”

“Good on You for starting this video blog. I like to see creative initiatives such as this. I live in Montreal and visit my parents (just recently retired- who moved to Departure Bay a few? years ago) every summer and Christmas. I think Nanaimo is intriguing as a city and has astounding nature spot gems sprinkled throughout it. Good luck with the travel blog!”